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It is hard to put a label on Marfa, Texas. Is it a town, a village, a hamlet or a hippy settlement? 1750 people, ranging from artists and/or modern day hippies to hardcore ranchers, call Marfa home.

Located in the Far West Region of Texas, to the South of New Mexico and just a tad to the North of Mexico, one could say Marfa is truly «in the middle of nowhere». However the settlement got something magical which I got to experience when exploring Highland Street, one of the two main streets: Inspiration! The fact that Marfa offers inspiration was confirmed by locals I ran into at an impromptu gathering at a former gas station turned junk yard. A 1950s Airstream camper is converted to a sort of coffee shop on the property and locals offered their latest art, antiques as well as advice on planting and grooming vegetables. Keep in mind that marijuana is illegal in Texas so any type of «feel good» has to be purchased in New Mexico (where pot is legal), a good 3-4 hour drive away. While getting my morning espresso macchiato I was not only asked where I was from and if I would like to move to Marfa but was also offered a job to paint a wall by a local lady. A gentleman told me openly that he’s lonely in Marfa and that there is not much to do but he gets more inspiration here than anywhere else on the planet. Finding a conversation in Marfa is no problem at all.

Oddly enough, besides the usual «hippy mobiles» like a 1972 VW camper, I also noticed the standard Ford F250 trucks driven by what was clearly a rancher. It seems artists and free-spirited liberal folks reside peacefully next to each other in otherwise conservative Texas.