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German Habits

Throughout history, when Germans left their homeland and settled in other parts of the world, they had the habit of bringing their culture along. Take the Mennonites who are originally from the Kaiserstuhl area in Germany’s Southwest and made a new home in Mexico. Lucky for the Mexicans that they would not part with their musical instruments such as the trumpet or accordion. Imagine Mexico without these instruments? 

When Anne Wertheim from Hamburg/Germany made her way to the Hawaiian Islands in 1996 she brought her knowledge about bread-making alone. Anne, single-handedly, turned Maui’s North Shore into a true German bread paradise. As she prepares the dough, Anne mills spelt, kamut (khorasan) and rye flours at her house near Ha’iku. Her bestselling loafs are the Classic Sourdough, followed very closely by Buckwheat, Rye, Bliss and Ancient Grains & Gia Seeds. Her bread-baking business became such a success that her main job as an illustrator and graphic designer became secondary.

Anne’s bread is made with pride and as Maui residents prefer and appreciate local products as well, it is destined for success.

Anne’s customers receive a text message reminder on Sunday morning to place an order online at It’s a simple application: choose your bread, add it to your basket, check-out and pay online. Thursdays between 2.30pm and 5.30pm Maui’s bread lovers  migrate to the Community Center in Ha’iku where Anne opens a makeshift store to pick up orders. She always carries extras such as bagels or granola. 

At our house, Thursdays are special days. We have friends and neighbors over to enjoy Anne’s bread. As a Bavarian-born German I know my bread and Anne’s bread carries the «German approval». Thanks to Anne, life on Maui became even more enjoyable.